Unlocking Creative Potential

The content landscape has changed dramatically.

The number of channels has exploded.  Anyone can build an audience and publish directly to them. The creative networks of makers and doers have become more accessible.

As a result, every company's capacity to be endlessly creative has also changed dramatically - and we are building the tools to help them unlock it.

Meet the team

Nick Gubbins
Co-founder / CEO
Scott Wooden
Co-founder / CPO
Ethan Rosenblum
Chief Operating Officer
Julia Haigh
Head of Front End
Marios Passaris
Senior Back End Engineer
Vincent Racine
Lead Sales Engineer
Blake Downey
Director of Business Development
Gaston Rampersad
Senior Front End Engineer

Backed by the creative industry. 
Advised by tech leaders.

Our support network is a mix of creative powerhouses and enterprise-scale tech companies. Our close relationship with these companies gives us direct insight into creative processes that need solving as well as the cutting edge tech that we can utlilise to solve these problems.

Come and build with us.

Los Angeles
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