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Transform your photo studio workflow

Spreadsheets, generic tools, disjointed systems to manage projects, resources, samples, vendors, & assets. We understand your exhaustion.

Whether E-commerce, Editorial, or ad-hoc shoot planning, Atellio Studio unites your end-to-end lifecycle into one centralized workflow.

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data-driven creativity for leading photo studios

Photo studio operations, simplified

Unlock the key metrics that drive your studio

shoot delivery speed

cost per shot & cost per asset

crew utilization

studio capacity

Streamline your studio’s content pipeline

Below look familar? Atellio irons out fragmented creative processes into one intuitive end-to-end experience. Giving structure, clarity and efficiency to all areas of production

Resource Management

Centralize your creative rolodex

The days of asking for contact info, work samples, or availability are over. Dynamically store your creative network, across crew, talent, sets & locations, vendors, and more.

Unified availability

Integrated calendars, capacity tracking, & utilization

Singular statement of record

Store resources with fully configurable, data-rich profiles

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Curate with a click of a button

Casting typically requires a presentation compiled manually from various sources, a series of meetings, and a slow back-and-forth.

With Atellio already hosting your creative database, create shareable and collaborative casting presentations with the singular click of a button.

Collaborative Shortlists

Shareable to anyone with interactive voting and commenting

Customizeable Display

Choose what info and samples  your stakeholders can assess

Shoot Management

Seamless & on-time shoot delivery

Atellio’s shoot-specific workspaces will enable your teams - internal, external, or hybrid - to execute at the highest level, whether high-velocity E-comm or full-scale Editorial campaigns

Shoot Budgeting

As you build your shoot team, Atellio tabulates Planned & Actual spend for you

Automatic Callsheets

Atellio’s Callsheet generator will capture all details and send directly to your team

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Transparency across your studio

No more GANTT charts, whiteboards, or manual calendar coordination. Atellio’s fully configurable calendaring system will allow you to build any view into your studio ecosystem.

Shoot Calendars

Calendars by client, studio, or shoot type for a bird’s eye view across your teams

Resource Planning

See all your creative resources’ availability in one view and never double-book again

Integrate & Automate

Connect your studio stack



Atellio is an outstanding platform for creative teams from concept to completion. It has centralized our entire photo and video network including talent, crew, locations, rentals and other resources into one database. Empowering our whole team to make collaborative decisions that increase productivity and efficiency and ultimately improves our speed-to-market.

Neil Karstetter · Creative Producer

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