An Agile Alternative
for Modern Hybrid Creative Teams

Atellio is a robust yet flexible platform that allows you to take true ownership of your creative production, from brief to deliverable.

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Why are teams switching to Atellio?

Atellio picks up where traditional enterprise tools stop.

Atellio is built for the modern creative team, with a powerful infrastructure for everyone from a small boutique team to a multi-studio international conglomerate.

Creative and Marketing teams are selecting to replace their current tools with Atellio for the daily production operational work because it is built specifically for them and removes the challenges they’ve experienced. Some customers have chosen to integrate the systems so that as the creative production gets defined, staffed, and delivered in Atellio, tools within their stack receives notifications and data updates for broader project management initiatives.

Atellio vs Traditional Solutions


Traditional Creative Workflow Solutions

Built for

Employees, Agencies, Freelancers, and Clients
Why does it matter?
Today’s creative work is done by hybrid distributed work. Companies need a platform that mobilizes the whole team.

Designed for

Makers and Creators of 2020’s
Knowledge Workers of 2000’s
Why does it matter?
Today’s creatives don’t want software that requires training and IT customizations for adoption.

Implemented By

Atellio in weeks
IT and System Integrators in Months or Years
Why does it matter?
Time to value. Operational costs to retiring legacy system (and renewing legacy subscriptions/maintenance) Why wait months for what you can have next week?

User Adoption Rates*

Why does it matter?
Value of software subscription. Reports skewed and inaccurate with limited input, incomplete process information.

How do you link, find information or build reports?

Multi-dimensional Search based on Calendar, Campaign, Project, Deliverable, Asset metadata or associated filter
Project or task ID
Why does it matter?
Important for more sophisticated projects such as longer duration or compound asset production (video, games, events, etc.,) where relationships between workstreams matter as much as the workstream to the creative process.

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Atellio 2.0 will be an all-in-one solution to manage your internal and external resources, projects and initiatives, for creatives by creatives.

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