Atellio for
Photo Studios

From casting to shoot planning, Atellio unites your whole studio and streamlines the end-to-end production lifecycle.

Everyone and everything

Booking details change based on the type of resource. From a simple assignment of an internal team member, to outsourcing a project to an external agency, to tracking a piece of kit to a studio. Atellio Bookings lets you track every detail of an assignment.

Collaborative projects

With Atellio Projects, you can track everything going on in the studio. Each project can be configured and templated to store all the appropriate information like what's being shot, and gives the producers a quick and easy interface to build up teams and prep for projects.

Casting made simple

With Atellio Scout, the casting team can build up a network of talent and photographers using callouts, and then pitch them to the rest of the production team using Shortlists.

The whole team can give feedback within the platform, so your studio can build up its approved talent for the season, or select the right look for the campaign.

Coming Soon

Product Tracking

Track all products as they come into the studio, and scan them in and out of sets so they never get lost. Producers can build up shots with products to help the crew shoot the right pieces, and even specify lighting diagrams. This gives the whole team a real time view of not just who is on set, but what they're shooting.

Shoot smarter

From utilisation of studio space, through to cost per shoot, time to fill and more, get a bird's eye view of the entire running of the studio to make informed business decisions.

Plug into

Deploy Atellio for your post-production team, and sync data to help them predict workload and assets coming down the pipeline.

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