Atellio for
Design Studios

From managing traffic to assigning workload, let your studio focus more on designing and less on admin with Atellio.

Who, What, When?

With Atellio Resources, you can build up banks of your team and freelancers alike, track skills & portfolio samples. Regularly need more hands on deck? Grow your roster of freelancers with Atellio Scout to make sure those last minute requests are always covered.

Traffic Managed

Track every resource's availability and assignments with Atellio in a single shared calendar. When dealing with freelancers, call out for availability and they can let you know if they're free. When you want to book them, it's as simple as a click of agreeing a rate, uploading a contract, and they'll be able to accept it from their own portal.

Stay Compliant

As the world of working with freelancers becomes increasingly legislated, make sure you're staying compliant with relavant legistlation like IR-35 (UK) or AB-5(California). Track the number of days you've been working with an indvidual, through to making sure you're using appropriate contracts, all through Atellio.


Send tasks to the people working on the job whether it's your team members, or external freelancers. Link through to the assets that need to be worked on and send out requirements. Track who's accomplished what in real time and collaborate effectively when distributed.

Data-driven Decisions

If you're a hybrid workforce of full-time employees but regularly spill over into freelance, get defensible utilisation stats to work out your needed headcount, as well as in-depth analytics into spend on freelance.

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