Atellio for Campaign Production

Take control of your marketing campaigns, from film to photo projects, whether running your own shoot or using an external partner.

Who, What,
Where, When?

With Atellio Resources, you can build up a
book of crew, talent, locations and kit, as well as partner agencies - helping you build the right team for the job.

Collaborative projects

Atellio Projects helps you build the whole production team, tracking costs from estimates to reconciliation.
Get a 360º calendar view of every production your team is working on, and get everyone on the same page.

Callsheets in one click

With a project budgeted and the team booked, Atellio can generate a callsheet in a click of a button. What's more, Atellio can also send the callsheet out and let you know when everyone is confirmed.

Reconcile in
a moment

Give your finance team access to Atellio and they can easily reconcile all the incoming invoices and receipts across all of your expected bills.

Shoot Smarter

From average cost per role, to time to fill and cost per asset, see where your production time and money is going, and make smarter hiring & business decisions.

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