Easy Onboarding

Vendor onboarding needn't be cumbersome. Build custom onboarding forms to collect key information from your external workforce, and keep your compliance team happy.

Crystal Clear Bookings

Extend Atellio Bookings by allowing the external resources to confirm their contracts, rates, and other booking information. Integrate with Docusign to make sure your contracts & agreements are compliant, and manage booking extensions & cancellations frictionlessly.

I'm free!

Request availability from people outside your company to speed up bookings and save a few emails and phone calls. They'll receive a link to a calendar to simply click the days they're free or not, and they won't need a login to do this.


Tasks that you assign to an external resource will be accessible through the Resource Portal, so make sure that everyone can stay on top of their assignments, whether they're in your office or on the other side of the world.

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