Every project
has it's home

Complete with a budget, schedule comments and any other details you'd want to attach to a shoot, shoots help you build up a team quickly (especially in conjunction with Atellio Scout). Speed up your pre-production prep.

360 view calendar

Keep track of what's going on across the whole team. Our fully searchable and configurable calendars give a real time view of all the content being produced across the team.


External contacts can set up their own Atellio portal which can streamline communication between them and your team.

The resource portal allows them to update their availability, their contact details, as well as manage their bookings and submit invoices.


Manage the complexities of booking external 
resources for your project seamlessly. 

Track vital compliance information (like California Independent Contractor, IR35) Store key contracting information, like the agreed rates, expenses, and integrate with tools like docusign even through to licensing of the outputs so you never have to worry about compliance.

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