Project management tailored for content creation

Campaigns, Projects & Deliverables are built to streamline any kind of creative workflow.

Organise work by deliverables, projects & campaigns


Deliverables are asset containers to house specifications, versions, assignments and discussions around a piece of content to be created.


Projects allow you to build a team and budget around a set of common deliverables.

An example being a series of deliverables for a product launch where many assets are worked on with a coordinated team.


Campaigns are collections of projects that orientate around a larger launch or goal.

Campaigns offer leadership insights and dashboards that allow users to keep track of overall project status and delivery.

Work with any person, vendor, or organization

Tap into your creative network’s capacity

 Within every project assignment you’ll have access to your entire creative network.

Get capacity insights spread across internal and external resources.

Assign internal, external, and vendor resources

We’ve standardised how you assign and book internal and external resources.

Extra processes are automatically built around external resources to ensure engagement is handled compliantly.

Share project workspace with the entire team

Share project workspaces with everyone involved. This allows you to collaborate in one place, ensuring all discussion, files, and activity are seen by all involved.

You can configure visibility to make sure sensitive data is hidden for external users.

Access a suite of powerful project tools

Build budgets

Set a project budget and build comprehensive estimates.

Save time by using templates that auto-generate the appropriate groups and items required for a particular project

Actualise costs

Get the actual project cost by reconciling invoices and receipts for all bookings and expenses within a project.

Gain insight into variances between planned and actual totals.


For photo and video projects, build callsheets with a click of a button.

All appropriate data is populated from locations, times, and crew contact details.

Upload, review and approve deliverables

Upload multiple asset versions

Upload new assets into each deliverable to signify a new version.

See a list of previous asset versions to view feedback and iterations.

Review assets with mark-up

Overlay drawings and comments on assets to focus feedback on key areas.

For video, view comments left within specific time ranges.

Approve and publish assets

When a deliverable is complete, mark it as approved to send the asset to a subsequent project, submit it to the original requester, or publish it into your DAM.

360° Campaign views

Dashboard view of campaign progress

Get full oversight into the status of a campaign. The campaign details view offers a snapshot of progress across projects, resourcing, budget, and deliverables.

Like projects, you can attach the main campaign brief and customise campaign fields specific to your company.

Roll-up project budgets, schedules, and more

Campaign budgeting allows you to keep an eye on full campaign spend across all projects.

Campaign project calendars allow you to plan projects and deliverables to define various dependencies.

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