Stay on top of
Creative Requests

Standardise how briefs are submitted and assets requested, both into and out of your studio.

Send requests to the right teams

Build multiple brief streams

Define streams based on client, type of work, or request parameters.

Streams can be configured to be visible to different teams and vendors.

Organise & standardise incoming requests

All inbound studio requests are organised in one place.Further segment and delegate through folders and configure team visibility.

Customise brief requirements

Rich brief builder which includes reference imagery, supporting assets, deadlines & budgets.

Sync with PIM to add product information into the creative request.

Send requests to other studios

Send creative requests to other studios in your organisation, as well as production partners to track your outbound requests as well as inbound.

Keep assets consistent and on-brand with deliverable templates

Choose from a selection of common asset templates to ensure each asset is created to the correct specification.

Build your own templates that teams can use to keep brand consistent throughout your organization.

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Atellio 2.0 will be an all-in-one solution to manage your internal and external resources, projects and initiatives, for creatives by creatives.

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