Nov 1st, 2022

Archiving enhancements

Previously when you archived something, it would disappear from all tables and lists. This made it nearly impossible to find things that had been archived and therefore also to unarchive them. We’ve fixed this by adding a dedicated archived toggle on all relevant entity tables, along with the ability to unarchive archived items.

When viewing an individual archived entity, you will now see a standard indicator making it clear the entity is archived. Archived entity’s values are also locked and can’t be edited.

In addition, where archived entities are displayed as part of a property of another entity, the archived entity title is now shown as struck through.

Lastly, when a project is archived, its deliverables, tasks and assets all behave as if they have been archived.

Known limitations

  • Archiving behaviour for users and studio members is only partially implemented. Archived users and studio members will still have access to their account and studio respectively. We aim to address this by our next release.

Studio roles and permissions

We’ve introduced new studio level roles – Studio Admin, Regular and Restricted – and associated capabilities to allow you to better control who can do what within your studios. To set a studio member’s role go to Studio Settings > Studio Members and to view the capabilities associated with each role go to Studio Settings > Studio Permissions.

Known limitations

  • The Restricted role is only partially implemented. We are aiming for a full implementation within our next two releases.
  • The capabilities per role are currently fixed. We will look at making them editable when we role out our broader permissions framework.

Settings page redesigns

While we were looking at studio roles and permissions, we took the opportunity to update the design of some of our studio settings pages to improve consistency and make it easier to navigate to the settings information you’re looking for.

Known limitations

  • When you unarchive the last Resource Definition or Project Definition from the archived view of the respective definition, there is an inconsistent display of the empty state of the list.

Bug fixes

  • Added ability to clear values from field selectors
  • Fixed multiple minor display issues with Resource Views
  • Made Product search case insensitive

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