Why Resource Planning Is Important For Creative Teams

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September 3, 2021

The most valuable asset an organization has is its people.

Resource management plays an increasingly important role in the project lifecycle for creative teams. After all, the most valuable asset an organization has is its people.

With the traditional agency model a thing of the past and hybrid agencies very much our new reality, establishing control and transparency over your workforce is essential. Teams are comprised of in-house staff in addition to external freelancers, agencies, and off-shored talent, and change on a project-to-project basis. Skill-based resourcing means that specialist skills can be applied to a task, but requires more advanced functionality from your resource management platform.

With managing people from different agencies and backgrounds comes the added responsibility of compliance and contracting as part of the resource management process. When you are working with influencers, models, photographers, etc, licensing and agreements can become complicated, and staying on top of the regulations is key.

Organizations that have recognized the importance of the discipline as a key driver in maximizing success allocate the dedicated role of Resource or Traffic Manager, and/or invest in a platform that puts everything in one place, is intuitive, and automates processes. Successfully managing your resources (people/time/budget) maximizes efficiency and sets you up for success and minimizes waste. So why skimp on it? Ironically, you need to put some resources (people to run the function, budget to purchase the tech and time to on-board) into a dedicated role or tool to save resources in the long run. This is what can be hard for some stakeholders to appreciate when they are viewing processes from a meta-perspective and wanting to cut costs where possible.

The challenge

It is often difficult for creative teams to engage key decision makers and increase the influence of their resource management function; fighting its corner and communicating that it cannot just be lumped in with project management. It is very much a separate discipline; project management creates and assigns tasks to get a project done, resource management allocates resources required for the project in question. Demonstrating the value of resource management is key to get buy-in and getting stakeholders not just to begrudgingly agree, but be fully on board.

The advantages

In addition to ensuring you are on top of a remote and varied workforce and keeping compliant with the regulations that accompany different talent, a resource management function provides transparency, ensures accountability and measures efficiency. Being able to see how resources were allocated, how much went where and what the results achieved helps to improve and refine processes going forward. It also helps to foresee and avoid problems down the line in the project pipeline by generating projections. Therefore, you are taking control, responding proactively as opposed to reactively to problems, and driving efficiencies.

How can you up your resource planning game?

Invest in a platform that is purpose-built for creative teams. This ensures it provides all of the niche features required to best serve your team’s needs and improve project success; live feeds to your freelancer’s portfolios, casting call-outs, callsheet building and more. There really is a solution out there to service teams of all sizes and budgets. Where possible, create a dedicated job role that can own this function and continue to refine it.

If you don’t yet have a resource management tool but are looking to bring one on board, do not fear! There are plenty of free resources and online exhibitions happening at the moment where you can research, window shop, and set up some demos. Change management from your google doc with 92 tabs to a legitimate platform may seem an unattractive prospect, but it will benefit you immensely in the long term.

The outcome

What is the result of investing in and recognizing the value of resource management?

  • Accurate project timelines and estimates
  • Reduced resource wastage
  • Improved profitability
  • Predictable patterns for success

If this all seems a little overwhelming, Atellio can help. We are passionate about automating admin so creatives can spend more time doing what they do best. If you would like to start a conversation about how you can improve your resource management function, drop me an email at Nick@atellio.co.uk.

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