Spotlight Series: Ira Giorgetti

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September 3, 2021

Ira Giorgetti is a portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photographer living in London, England. Alongside his freelance work, Ira works in the creative in-house studio at Harrods. Ira's work is vibrant, striking, and dynamic that celebrates diversity, culture, gender and the beautiful intersections in between. We're so thrilled that we got to sit down with him to learn more about his background, creative process and see some of his favorite projects so far!

Ira Giorgetti

Tell us about yourself and how you got to where you are today.

It's definitely been quite a journey! I started taking pictures back in high school, it was an exciting time as websites like Lookbook, Tumblr and deviantArt were changing how people were able to share their creativity. I then started freelancing while at university and soon fell in love with fashion and portraiture. I went on reality television with our local version of next top model (in our localised version we had photographer, stylist and make-up artist categories too) and started to build up my portfolio.

After university I moved to London to be with my partner Ryan, and continued working as a freelance photographer. A generalist at first, I soon honed in on my skills with editorial fashion, e-commerce and advertising having had the chance to work with major brands and agencies on several campaigns and exciting projects. Last year I did my first billboard shoot for Pride!

I'm currently working at Harrods Creative in-house studio while maintaining a select roster of freelance clients. I'm also working on a documentary photography project as well as building up my own curated print store!

What is one of your projects or assignments that you’re most proud of?

I'd love to say my first billboard campaign for Pride Inside which I shot during the coronavirus pandemic, but I'm also particularly proud of this bright and colourful menswear cover story I did for Boyfriend Magazine. Would love to do more fun, playful and kitschy projects like this!

Ira Giorgetti

Walk us through a typical day in the life.

Nowadays whilst I'm working full-time at Harrods, I really do live and breathe commercial fashion and lifestyle photography production! I spend the rest of my time either working on my own projects and businesses or hanging out and connecting with my partner, and our friends and family.

What is your favorite part of working in the creative industry?

The collaborative feeling of creating something new and exciting with people whose company you enjoy, talent you admire and craft you respect.

And least favorite?

It's a tough industry to break into and definitely a stressful one to work in full-time! Everything moves around all the time, there's definitely an oversupply of talent and change often happens quickly and suddenly!

Ira Giorgetti

Where do you find inspiration?

Before the pandemic I used to love going around London's museums, galleries and exhibition spaces. I find it's easier to get inspired by things and experiences in my physical environment rather than "cool stuff you find online", although to be fair I build most of my mood boards and treatments on Pinterest!

How has COVID impacted your line of work? What are you most looking forward to when the world goes back to normal post-pandemic?

I was still freelancing full time when COVID struck, and I had just arrived back in London after a six-week holiday. Times were tough especially as I didn't qualify for government support but I made do with what I had and my partner and I made it through better than how we started!

Post-pandemic I'm definitely looking forward to just having my flow back - it's hard to get good flow when you add hurdles and considerations that are necessary but often creatively unhelpful.

What are some of the challenges you face in your line of work?

Creative differences, difficult clients and unrealistic expectations. All challenges can be overcome with enough effort and ingenuity though!

How do you currently collaborate and network with other creatives in the field?

I've got an extensive network of friends and colleagues across creative, oftentimes inspiration will strike and I'll just put together a moodboard and broadcast it to my list of collaborators and see if anyone's interested in working together along the same lines!

What do you do for fun when you unplug from work?

I love to chill out at home on the weekend, playing ball with my chihuahua Momo and playing mini-tournaments on Super Smash Bros with my partner Ryan and our friends. I also love travelling and discovering new restaurants -- right now I'm really big on plum wine and chicken katsu curry!

Any advice for other creatives?

It's tougher and tougher to enjoy the journey when you focus too much on the destination. Be a good person, practice kindness and don't take things too seriously. It does get easier, so persevere!

Anything you want to promote or plug?

Check out my website ( to see more of what I do, and definitely check out my print store Provoke (, 10% of all proceeds go to Rainbow Railroad!

Ira Giorgetti

Ira Giorgetti

A big thank you to Ira for sharing his story with us!

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