Spotlight Series: Emily Bois

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September 3, 2021

Emily Bois is an experienced photo and motion shoot producer with over a decade of experience with in-house producing and casting shoots all over the world; from city streets to the tip of a volcano. Emily has been on the production teams for iconic brands like Victoria's Secret and Athleta. In 2019, Emily started her own production consulting company, 10 IVY, where she's able to utilize her creativity, leadership, and industry skills. We got to sit down with Emily and learn more about her projects and how she's navigated change amidst the pandemic.

What have you been working on recently?

I’ve been working with a couple clients this year: Samsung Next, Terra Outdoor and currently working on a Spanx summer campaign while doing some consulting for them.

What's been your biggest challenge when working remotely? 

That’s easy- ZOOM! We’ve all gotten used to it by now, but I prefer speaking face to face with people any day over seeing them on a screen. I think interpersonal communication can be tough via Zoom, especially in group settings. The conversational nuances are lost.

Has that affected your work at all?

Yes, it definitely takes longer to get things done. You have to “set up time” instead of getting it done on the spot.

What's one new routine you've established to get into the creative flow?

Changes of scenery- if you stay at the same desk in your place all day, everything becomes too monotonous. You gotta mix it up to keep the creativity flowin!

Jay Kolsch | Athleta Campaign

What are your techniques for breaking up the day between work and life?

10 minute calendar block to meditate

How have you kept close connection with the people you work with?

Yes, I am really close with everyone I’ve ever worked with. On shoots, you become a family so they are your family for life!

Let's talk desk setup. Tell us about your workspace and how it enables you to get stuff done.

Oh man, my dining room table has become my desk so naturally as the work-aholic I am, I also eat dinner at my “desk” now

What do you do to switch off?

A glass of wine and a significant other!

What are you most looking forward to when all this blows over?

Traveling with crews to awesome locations!

Any parting words of advice for our creative readers? 

The last year has been tough for all of us but we are all in this together! A lot of people aren’t sure how this new COVID working style is going to impact the future of our industry but I feel like we will be surprised how quickly it goes right back to the way it was…

Misha Taylor | Athleta Campaign

10 IVY is a production consulting, casting and locations company. 10 IVY can assist with all photo and motion needs. Whether its  creative, production, crew, casting, or locations, 10 IVY can tackle as much or as little as needed. They can recommend the who-what-where to shoot based on your project needs.

10 IVY | | 443-280-1606

A big thank you to Emily for sharing her story with us!

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