How To Expand Your Resources List with Callouts

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September 3, 2021

No matter the project, it’s crucial to have a solid team at the foundation. Brands are utilizing a hybrid workforce of internal team members and outside resources more than ever - so ensure your team keeps track of all applications in one centralized location. Atellio Callouts are a great way to keep track of inbound applications for roles in your projects, from casting talent to acquiring team members. 

What is a callout?

Callouts are a simple tool for creative teams to publicize an application form to gain new talent for any given project. They let you seamlessly capture all the key information like contact details, day rates, as well as portfolio samples. 

Atellio Callouts allow you to build application forms to expand your resources list and ultimately grow your creative network. Whether for a casting call, or an open application, the publicly available and branded pages can be posted anywhere to find new creative talent.

Why is it important?

Callouts help your team stay organized by having a unified, collaborative space to view incoming talent as well as give you a quick way to add approved applications into your resources. 

Callouts are a part of the Atellio creative resource planning platform alongside other bespoke tools built for content production, including automated shortlists, callsheets, creative network storage, and more.

Generating callouts is just one of the ways Atellio automates admin to support a smooth and successful content production process. To find out more, please contact me at

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