Create Live Visual Records With Pinboards On Atellio

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September 3, 2021

At Atellio, we understand that ease of use and adaptability are two critical components when selecting a new platform for your creative team. And as creatives, we know the visuals and design of the platform can be just as important, too.

Creatives should have a high standard for the design of the platforms they’re working with, and purpose-built tools for content production should be the norm. Creating content using tools built for any sort of line of work, such as accounting or operations, can put a hindrance on speed to market, not to mention the overall enjoyment of creating content.

That’s why we’ve built our platform to make planning projects intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, all at the same time. Every record in your creator-base has a Pinboard where you can attach images, videos, or other media to capture your resources’ portfolios and aesthetics. 

With Pinboards on Atellio, you’re able to seamlessly sync up your creative resources’ sites or social media handles and we will pull their work automatically and lay them out within their resource profile. All you need is a website link or social handle, we’ll do the rest.

Pinboards make it easy to select talent for any given project and collaborate with your team by giving you a visual record of portfolios. Gone are the days of having folders with content prints, spreadsheets with links, or saving photos on Instagram - we’ve created a live feed right from your Atellio account. 

Now that you know all about Pinboards, learn how to expand your resource list with Callouts here.

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