ASRV x Atellio: Scaling Content Production for a Leading Sportswear Brand

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September 6, 2021

We're proud to empower the creative teams at ASRV and help them make collaborative decisions, scale content production, and increase speed-to-market. Read more from Neil Karstetter, Lead Creative Producer at ASRV, below:

Atellio is an outstanding platform for creative teams from concept to completion. It has centralized our entire photo and video network including talent, crew, locations, rentals and other resources into one database. Empowering our whole team to make collaborative decisions that increase productivity and efficiency and ultimately improves our speed-to-market. 
Since using Atellio we stay on track and have been able to scale our creative work to international teams. This purpose-built production management system helps us automate previously manual tasks such as team building, budgeting, and storing important records of internal and external bookings. Freeing us from logistical tasks so that we can spend more time focusing on the creative process. 
Atellio is the perfect platform for any creative producer looking to organize their resources, accelerate planning and unlock key metric insights leading to more desirable photo and video workflows. 
- Neil Karstetter Lead Creative Producer | ASRV Sportswear

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