5 Tips For Scaling Content Production

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September 3, 2021

With publication channels on the rise and content demands ever-increasing, brands are ramping up content production faster than ever before. Organizations that invest the time and resources into creating high quality content at a high volume can stay competitive on the market and keep revenue trending upwards. 

However, when teams focus on content quantity, quality tends to slip - which in turn leads to fruitless efforts and wasted budget and resources. 

So, how do you find the right balance and produce content at a rapid pace without sacrificing quality? We’ve broken down our tips below: 

1. Build The Perfect Team 

The most important piece of the content production puzzle is building the right team to get the job done. Whether your team are animators, produce film, run a photo studio, or manage social media campaigns, the one thing that remains consistent across all industries and projects are the creative brains behind the creations. 

When planning your content strategy, make sure you have a solid team at the foundation who are up to speed on their roles, deadlines, tasks at hand, etc. For each project, ensure you have a solid creative network in case you need to pull outside forces in like freelancers, influencers, agencies, etc. Learn more about the importance of growing your creative network here.

2. Understand Your Audience

Whether you’re working in-house or freelancing, ensure you understand the audience before tackling content for the brand. Because at the end of the day, the content is for your audience, so it needs to reach them on an emotional level to make an impact. 

As your audience grows, their needs change - and so should your strategy. Create buyer personas and profiles for your customers to identify their content triggers. What are their needs? What frustrates them? What inspires them? From there you can get a sense of the type of content that would make the most impact for them, from your messaging to your imaging. 

3. Invest In The Right Tools

As creative operations specialists, we see firsthand how disparate systems can be a detriment to the content production process. Whether it’s teams coordinating projects over word docs, a lack of collaborative calendars, or going back and forth over email to share feedback and edits - we’ve seen it all and these practices are unfortunately the norm. 

Invest in the right tools to make everyone’s job a little easier and let your creative team focus on actually being creative. Look for solutions like project and resource management, collaborative calendars, automatically generated metadata and reporting, budgeting, bookings and compliance. All of these features are found in the Atellio platform. Learn more today. 

4. Create With Intention

In today’s modern media landscape, publication channels are ever-increasing and there has never been a more crucial time for quality content production. It’s important to understand the platforms your audience spend their time on and the type of content that performs the best on those platforms. 

We know that one size does not fit all and that imagery, film and language must be personalized to align with the audience and voice of each channel. Learn more on the modern media landscape here.

5. Track & Report On Metadata

One of the most important, yet often forgotten, components to scaling a brand’s content production is metadata. Every single piece of content your team creates should be tracked and analyzed to stay informed on what works and what doesn’t in the market to make smarter business decisions moving forward. 
Atellio-generated automatic reports in our creative resource planning platform analyze all of your content’s metadata so your team can easily predict workload and holistically understand capacity and utilization.

Any other tips or thoughts to add? I’d like to hear from you - drop me an email at nick@atellio.com, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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