4 Ways To Promote Collaboration In Your Creative Team

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September 3, 2021

For a creative team to succeed, all members of the team - internal or external - need to align on the projects, from brief to deliverable. Whether it’s content production for an ad campaign or logistics for an upcoming photo shoot, aligning the team and promoting healthy collaboration can make or break the end result. 

Collaboration in creative teams goes beyond daily team calls and a company Slack channel. For true team collaboration, your team needs a system that encourages every team member to contribute their ideas and expertise.

With the shift to a hybrid workforce, remote work becoming the norm, and more creatives taking up freelance work, collaboration can be difficult as communications become virtual.

So, how do you empower your team to produce imaginative, original content together? Here’s our take on how to promote collaboration in your creative team: 

1. It starts with your team and healthy relationships 

Ensuring collaboration within your creative team first starts with assembling the dream team with similar working styles, experience, and complementary skill sets required to complete the project. Once your team is built, the next step is to promote healthy relationships between team members. Lead by example! Hours can be long in content production, finding ways for the team to get to know each other not just as professionals, but as human beings, builds trust and respect for one another.

2. Provide a purpose for each project and ensure everyone understands the goal

Make sure everyone on the team understands the goal for each project and get all team members involved in the earliest stage possible. Whether you’re working on a project for a client or internally with leadership approvals, set expectations to prevent roadblocks and cause headaches for your team. Use creative collaboration tools to offer transparency in your teams’ efforts so they can feel confident about the process at every stage. 


3. Give your team guidance and freedom

At the end of the day, creatives just want to focus on what they love to do - being creative. Monitor their work and deadlines, but trust your team and give them the freedom to create content they’re proud of! Looking back at tip #1, if you want your team to trust and respect you as the leader, you need to trust them as the content creators. Give them guidance but also give them freedom to produce their best work... without hovering.


4. Invest in the right software

Resource Management technology that is purpose-built for creative teams can have specific and hugely useful features like callsheet building, casting callouts, and integration with key tools. At Atellio, we’ve refined these applications to blend seamlessly, and innovated further to include functions such as digital portfolios that capture influencers’ and freelancers’ aesthetics with a single glimpse.

Once your team is collaborating and ready to produce their best content, the next step is scaling! Learn our top 5 tips to scale content production here.

If you want to chat about how Atellio can support your creative teams, drop me an email at Nick@atellio.com.

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